A Note From Our Founder


Our skin is truly both amazing and beautiful with its ability to heal, stretch, regenerate and protect. There is nothing else as delicate and strong in all of nature.  However, the daily barrage of stress, demands, and pollutants can interfere with its normal operation.


One of my favorite practices is Shinrin-Yoku, a term that translates as “tree” or “forest bathing.” Developed in Japan in the 1980s, it has become a cornerstone of preventive healthcare and healing in Japanese medicine. Research has determined that when you immerse yourself in nature by “walking through the woods,” the body responds, practically communing with the surrounding environment, giving way to a host of benefits: a reduction in both stress and blood pressure, an improvement in mood, energy and sleep as well as an accelerated recovery from illness or surgery.


With nature as my inspiration, every flower or plant oil Kindred uses is a powerhouse of certified organic botanicals, specifically chosen for its bounty of vitamins, minerals and skin benefits. My expertise allows me to balance these attributes in the correct proportions focusing on the relationships of their chemical structure and the ratios of the oils to essential oils, to create the most effective, luxurious, organic, healing blends for radiant skin.


So just as a Shinirin-Yoku allows your body to “reset” and operate at optimal levels, I feel as if using Kindred Skincare, with its bounty of nature’s ingredients, is akin to a “walk through the woods,” immersing your skin in nature and allowing it to reset naturally, be nourished and rejuvenated as well as lifting your spirits and soothing your mind.   Kindred is my happy place and I hope it becomes yours too.

The Founder & Creator


creatorAs a Materials Science Engineer, I was continuously problem solving the relationships between the synthesis, processing, structure, properties, and performance of a large variety of materials. A Material Science Engineer forms a bridge between the sciences and engineering allowing theory to be put into practice in a way which benefits everybody, since everything we do every day involves materials. Materials experts need a thorough understanding of how materials under their scope work. This means we are able to control the structure of a material, so that its properties, for example strength, can be tailored to suit a particular application. This puts Materials Science & Engineering at the forefront of creating, fostering and or protecting almost all aspects of our everyday day life.


After years of dealing with my own sensitive skin inflamed by constant on the job exposure to harsh chemicals, I devoted my deep understanding of solubility parameters (the range that a certain material dissolves into a liquid) to create safe all natural & organic skincare not only for myself but for my Rocket Scientist husband and beloved children as well. A decade long journey began as I persistently sought out the best way to truly cleanse, nourish, and calm fragile skin, immersing myself in the art and science of botanical ingredients, mastering the many medicinal and beauty properties that natural oils have provided for many millennia.


Upon completion, I only shared this personal work with family and friends who were quick to encourage me to make the crafted blends widely available for all to benefit, and, in turn, the Kindred Skincare collection was created.

The Name, Brand & Product


productTHE NAME & BRAND: The name Kindred symbolizes the extension of family through kindred spirits and our universal interconnectedness. Therefore, Kindred adopted a coat-of-arms as the logo to underscore the sense of family. Simultaneously, the look and feel of the packaging reflect both the science and the personalized customer care reminiscent of a classic neighborhood apothecary where the local practitioner knew the name and the families of the each and every person in need of effective holistic healing remedies. The grey and beige colors and cylindrical packaging are consciously chosen for their unisex appeal and old world European charm.


THE PRODUCT: After ten years of research, including consultations with renowned Atlanta based facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Theresa Jarmuz, who provided in depth cellular level skin science, formulating countless cleansers and moisturizers from plant-derived oils, Frances achieved the ideal formulas. Each and every ingredient, every plant based organic oil has been thoughtfully chosen for their skin and spirit soothing abilities, for color, texture and viscosity, blending calming and lifting scents with science based restorative properties for women, men and children. Utilizing fractionated organic oils and organic essential oils for their superior penetration and nonclogging benefits, each pure formula is free of GMOs, petroleum byproducts, parabens, sulfates, fragrance and other harsh chemicals and preservatives. Kindred Skincare Co. only uses certified organic, food-grade oils in our handmade batches.

What Is Oil Cleansing?


cleanseBased on solid chemistry and thousands of years of use, oil based cleansing works to uniquely and most effectively remove toxins without stripping. The skin is the body’s largest organ and is protected by the sebum, which consists of triglycerides, wax esters, and squalene. These oils are very effective at shielding our skin from the daily barrage of bacteria and toxins, and play an important role in our overall health. That’s why it’s so important to preserve them.


Our culture has been taught to be “squeaky clean” and use lots of suds to clean the oil, dirt, and makeup from our faces after a busy day. The foaming agents, emulsifiers and thickeners that are part of most facial-cleansing products have given us the texture and viscosity that we equate with “clean” but leave the skin feeling both pinched and dry as well as leaving behind makeup residue.


The polarized molecules in most water-based soaps mix with the water we splash onto our faces as we apply them. They may attract some polarized dirt particles but will never attract oil molecules. Much like when you shake oil and vinegar together in a bottle, when you wash with water the oil and water. molecules on your face move around but do not truly interact. Kindred’s carefully formulated oils, on the other hand,
gently loosen the top layer of sebum that traps dirt and makeup. They clean the skin without stripping the needed sebum, which is deeper in the pores. “Over cleaning” with conventional soaps can stimulate the production of excess sebum and create unwanted oiliness. Oil cleansing removes foreign particles while maintaining a healthy sebum.


An equally important part of any cleansing process is mechanical action. By using your hands to massage the product all over your face, throat, and chest for a couple of minutes, you distribute its oils and dislodge the dirt and makeup from your pores. Slowly, reflectively massage our inspired, restorative blends, along with their cleansing properties, the essential oils in Kindred Skincare Co. products are formulated to promote a sense of wellbeing. A few minutes later when you wipe your skin thoroughly with a very warm washcloth, your skin will have a “true clean” and your spirits will feel purified, rejuvenated and refreshed.