Our Oils

Discover a pure, organic method for cleaning, clarifying and balancing skin.

How Oils Work

Oil cleansing has received a lot of buzz lately, but like many “new ideas,” this practice is based on the wisdom of thousands of years.


Our products are blended from only the highest-quality organic ingredients available. Each pure formula is free of GMOs, petroleum byproducts, parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals and preservatives.

How to Apply

Get the most from every Kindred product by following our easy-to-use guide.

Oil Cleansing FAQ

What to expect when you switch to oil cleansing.



I needed to reach out to you and just thank you so very much for the wonderful product! I developed rosacea when I hit 50. My once-beautiful, glowing skin turned into a red, dry, flaky mess. I tried so many products which left my face stinging, hurting and flaking more. Nothing worked (even from the dermatologist). I’ve been praying for years for help with this situation and I came across your advertisement about your product and decided to try it. Within three days, my skin is soft, not flaky and the redness is reduced—I feel beautiful again! Thank you, Frances. You’re my hero!


After spending the last 10-15 years trying to buy oil-free skin care products, I balked at the request to sample the oil-based Kindred products. But I did, and I am so thrilled with the results that I want everyone to know that it’s well worth the try. After the first use, my skin felt incredibly soft. After three weeks, my daughter said to me, “What did you do to your face? Your skin looks so good!” Here are the amazing effects of using these products: smaller pores, clearer complexion, softer skin, more vibrant appearance! Yes, I know every skin-care line promises this, and believe me I have sampled many…but I have never had outcomes like this…NEVER! And the routine is simple and easy to use. Best of all, the products are natural—no harsh chemicals or hidden ingredients. As an added benefit, I have used the Nightly Moisture on my hands to prevent the drying that occurs with frequent washing in the hospital setting. I can’t explain why, but using the product on my hands has somehow lessened the joint stiffness in my fingers that I usually experience in the morning. I am 100% sold on these products. I don’t think I will ever use anything else. Do yourself a big favor—try them!!!


The Kindred skin-care products are AMAZING! In a few short weeks after replacing my soap-based facial cleansing routine with the Kindred products, I have seen a dramatic difference in the moisture balance of my face and neck as well as the disappearance of sun-related dark spots. The Kindred cleansing system leaves your face feeling so much cleaner after each use, resulting in a much clearer complexion.


For over 50 years I have used high-end international skin-care products. The past year I have religiously used Kindred skin-care products. Since using Kindred cleanser and morning and evening moisturizers, I am thrilled with the results! My pores are smaller and my complexion is moist and glowing to the point that I choose not to wear makeup except for dressy occasions. There were a few embedded blemishes that have all but disappeared and probably will given a bit more time. Kindred is easy to use and the two-ounce bottles are perfect for travel. Best of all, Kindred is natural and 100% chemical free.