A Note From Our Founder

Hello, I am Frances Thrasher, founder of Kindred Skincare Co.

Come take a walk with me, I want to tell you about the path that led me to Kindred. Being from the Southern United States, I became a Textile Engineer to follow many family members into the Textile industry. After overexposure to chemicals, I developed such overly sensitive and allergy-prone skin, that I could not be in the production areas of these plants. Even the most “natural” of skincare and makeup products would still leave my skin red, raw and undernourished. I was frustrated and could not find relief even after visiting numerous dermatologists.

Referring to my background in chemistry I turned to the use of simple oils, initially to moisturize, but then utilizing the principle of “like dissolves like”, I started cleansing with combinations of oils. My skin looked and felt much better, but how could I improve even more? Consulting with the Dean of my alma mater, Georgia Tech, Dr. Fred Cook reminded me of the chemistry behind the effectiveness I had found: solubility parameters. Solubility parameters are the properties that dictate the effectiveness of non-polar solvents, i.e.: oil dissolving oil! Oil cleansing, a forgotten effective cleansing method in our world of “squeaky clean” cleansers. I was so inspired by the concept that I dove into researching all the oils I could find, I even took online Biology classes to achieve more understanding about our skin. These many years of study, trial and error, and the willing participation of friends and family provided the basis of our many principles at Kindred: Cleansers high in linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid found in our sebum), using fractionated oils for more effective penetration and developing the perfect ratios. Ironically all this research was just for my skin, not necessarily a business. But life is a beautiful winding road!

One day I shared my formulations with my good friend Dr. Theresa Jarmuz, an internationally known facial plastic surgeon. She was pregnant with her first child and concerned about the chemicals in her skincare. After using my hand batched products she convinced me to share the products with her patients and the many other men and women who want healthy, beautiful skin using effective organic ingredients! With the support and encouragement of friends and family, Kindred was born.

Several years ago I was introduced to an enlightening concept: Shinrin Yoku, which literally translates to “Forest Bathing.” This Japanese method has been studied for years, and many papers have been produced about the positive health effects of exercising and spending time in the woods. Our body is a whole, not made up of parts and pieces that function on their own. Therefore, we need to care for our body inside and out the best we can, whether we are walking in the woods to lower stress, buying local organic produce, or using chemical-free products on our skin.

This idea is the spiritual core behind Kindred. I wanted to create an organic skincare line that cleansed and nurtured the skin while simultaneously lifting the mind, body, and spirit. Our formulas were not purchased or developed by someone else but lovingly curated by years of study, trial, error, and feedback. Once you use any of our hand batched products, made with this love and enthusiasm, you are a part of the Kindred Family!

What makes Kindred different? Much like a Shinirin Yoku, we harness the science behind the magical powerhouse of botanicals. We lift the best parts of natures’ bounty and blend them into an effective elixir that will allow your skin to find equilibrium. A couple of examples: we use the smaller and medium fatty acids from Shea Oil and Coconut Oil to maximize penetration without clogging the pores, our cleansers highlight the astringent cleansing quality of Castor Oil in the most effective ratio, and our citrus peel and fig seeds gently exfoliate without tearing delicate facial tissues.

See what people are saying about our brand and products. We would love for you to join our Kindred Family by trying the products. Nothing speaks louder than the glow of happy, healthy skin!

Thank you for sharing your time with me,