A Note from Frances

A Note from Frances

These are trying times. Everyone has been impacted by this situation, some more than others. As a person and as a company, we are trying to help in any way possible. Over the years, due to some significant life events out of my control, I realized that worry does not help, it does not change the outcome, nor does it benefit me in any way. As a result of this epiphany, I constantly try to live in the moment and find the blessing in every day.

There really are blessings everywhere, I promise. When you start to look, you notice them all day long: kindness among strangers, a sweet message from an old friend, seeing a rainbow, or anything that brings a smile to your heart. Once I started seeing blessings everywhere, I tried to make a point of telling people when they made a difference in my day. Kindred has increased my daily blessings exponentially. Daily interaction with our Kindred Skincare family members is and has always been incredible for my heart.

Here are two other priorities of mine that ease and encourage my soul:

Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing, has been one of my top three rules for life. Fresh air and sunlight can cure many things for both mind and body. Add birdsong, wind, rustling leaves, the smell of trees and earth and you have magic. My blood pressure drops even thinking about being outside, my breaths are deeper and slower, I feel more at peace. My entire adult life has been filled with a menagerie of rescue animals so I always include one or more of these incredible souls on my adventures outside.

I saved the best for last. Family is everything. For some, it is the family you have by blood, for others it is the family you find. Either way, a family is a rock that grounds you and simultaneously lifts you to new heights. I am doubly blessed with both my family that I’m related to and the friends that are now family. During this time of social distancing, constant contact through phone and video with my family far away keeps us connected. At home, I’m thrilled to have unexpected time with my adult children who otherwise would have been elsewhere and with a spouse whose travel schedule has been halted. It’s like Christmas every day for a mom who never tires of having her family sit around the dinner table each night!

My goal in this is to promote positivity and share the lessons I’ve learned prior to these events, in the hope of bringing light to someone else’s day. Please know that I do not minimize the hardships of others. My prayers for all.

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