Frances’ Fall Skincare Regimen

Frances’ Fall Skincare Regimen

Fall is my favorite time of year and with it comes crunchy leaves, spicy scents, and crisp air. The cooler air is a refreshing break to the heat of the summer but it brings its own concerns, such as dry skin. In gearing up for the colder weather, I’ve already started transitioning into my fall skincare regimen.

The biggest skincare changes one can make is to embrace thicker, more emollient moisturizers, pay special attention to areas prone to dryness, and provide more frequent application of nourishing products. When I noticed the dry air, I immediately changed my nighttime routine from using Serum Magique and Nightly Nourish to using the Serum and Intense Moisture. That’s always my first seasonal change. Intense Moisture is my favorite fall product, times a thousand! The tamanu heals cracks and dryness and the mango butter deeply penetrates skin, I cannot live without it. The second change was including a layer of Morning Moisture to my morning routine, instead of applying Première Défense directly to my bare skin, as I would during the summer. I first massage Morning Moisture into my face; the organic ingredients of palmarosa and petitgrain oils help control oil production throughout the day, while red raspberry seed and grape seed oils protect and soothe the skin. I allow that to soak in while I brush my teeth, and then I apply protective Première Défense. Sunscreen should be worn every day, no matter what time of year. Preventing sun damage early will help maintain moisture and evenness of skin tone. In addition, I’m aware that my lips are very susceptible to dryness, so I keep a Body Bâton (currently in Peppermint) by my bed to slather on when I go to sleep. Properly and thoroughly moisturizing is a necessary step to gorgeous skin as we head into these cooler months.

Dryness in the air and skin may cause a tendency for dermatitis, such as break outs or rosacea, making exfoliation important year-round. That dryness can also lead to a build-up of dry skin cells that clog the pores, producing blemishes and discomfort. Anti-aging willow bark and moisturizing green tea butter in Polish Cleanse softens skin, while citrus peel gently exfoliates, revealing a brighter, more invigorated complexion. I continue to use Polish Cleanse twice a week. Increased dryness can also cause increased sensitivity, the healing formulas in both the powerful Serum Magique and antioxidant-packed Intense Moisture can soothe the skin while retaining necessary moisture with sea silt and sake yeast.

As the seasons transition, there are a few things we can all do to attain and maintain fabulous skin. When you remove your makeup and cleanse at night, you may not need to wash your face in the morning. Just a warm water rinse followed by moisturizer is all most women need, especially as we age. For body care, we may not need to use soap on our extremities in the shower. All that unnecessary soap can over dry skin and cause discomfort. Take notice of how your skin is reacting in the next few weeks, then make any needed changes. In addition, try to avoid using makeup remover wipes. The structure of the disposable wipes can be very rough on the skin. Our two oil-based cleansers, Oil Cleanse and newly renamed Complete Cleanse (formerly Blemish Cleanse), will easily remove all traces of makeup, no need to pre-treat. If you need a wipe on the go, make your own with one of our soft washcloths. Saturate the washcloth, wring to remove excess water, apply a small amount of cleanser to the washcloth, then take it with you in a resealable bag. At home, we make a large batch and individually freeze them so that we always have a cool, fresh wipe ready for the gym bag!

As we embrace the changing colors and coziness of autumn, it’s important to know yourself and listen to your body. My skin is so sensitive to dryness that I started noticing a difference only halfway through September. Preventative measures, such as embracing skincare changes early, can make a huge difference in the health and comfort of your skin this fall.

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