Frances’ Fall Skincare Regimen

Frances’ Fall Skincare Regimen

Kindred Skincare founder and creator, Frances Thrasher, shares her fall skincare regimen.

The air is still warm and humid, but the promise of fall is in the cool breeze that greets me each morning. Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of year and I am already prepping for the changes. Even though the weather has not completely changed, I am already transitioning my skincare to stay ahead of the challenges to my skin.

Very often my lips are the first thing to show the reduction in humidity, they chap very easily, and I never go anywhere without my clear Lip Plump. So easy to keep in my purse, car, and desk to always be at the ready. The organic Dehydrasome yeast in the formula is drawn to the moisture in our lips where it binds with the moisture to create a series of interlocked vesicles in a basket weave structure that swell and minimize the appearance of fine lines and gently plump the lips. This binding effect can also help prevent trans-epidermal water loss to increase moisturization. Also, yeast itself is an excellent source of amino acids, protein, B vitamins and other minerals the have excellent nutritive and conditioning qualities. In other words, this pepperminty plump can help prevent chapped lips by sealing in moisture with the organic goodness of yeast!

Cooler weather can also mean the beginning of drier skin and potentially dry flaky patches. Exfoliation is important year-round to remove the buildup of dry skin that can harbor bacteria, cause breakouts and prevent our moisturizers from being fully effective. But we need to be very gentle in how we scrub our delicate facial tissues and increased wind and cold can make people with sensitive skin shy away from all exfoliants. We have the perfect answer: our Clay Mask. As with all our products, there is oil in our Clay Mask which prevents it from being an over-drying tight mask. Preservative-free, you mix the mask when you are ready to use. Simple shake the black emulsion packet and pour the clay packet directly into the black packet and stir until mixed. Clay is very sensitive to the ambient humidity, and you want the mask to be a light mousse-like texture, so add water if needed. The combination of clays, botanicals, and fruit acids will gently exfoliate and leave you feeling refreshed without over stripping or leaving you dry.

Fall nights are the perfect time to add a thicker butter-based moisturizer to your facial routine. Our fabulous Intense Moisture is just as described, Intense! The tamanu butter-based moisturizer is filled with the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, nutty goodness of the tamanu nut from Africa. The regenerative qualities of tamanu have been used for generations to help with wound and scar healing, and the bounty of fatty acids leave the skin fortified and nourished! The addition of Sandalwood and Palmarosa add to the anti-inflammatory properties of this amazing moisturizer. After cleansing, rub Intense Moisture between the fingers to allow the emollient butter to melt and then apply to your face for a treat richer than any Pumpkin Latte!

Fall allergies afflict so many people, spring is not the only allergy season! Fall blooming grasses, falling leaves and other environmental contaminants can make your under eyes puffy, red and irritated. Under Eye Treat is just the answer! Coffee butter, fennel, and cypress oil are diuretics that can help the under-eye area appear less inflamed without overstimulating or causing more irritation. Aloe, rose hip, arnica and rose geranium can help with darkness and moisturize.



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