How To Care For Your Kindred Products

How To Care For Your Kindred Products

When I went searching for an answer for my skin issues 20 years ago, I had no idea the result would be the beauty and joy I experience every day with Kindred Skincare! My only goals were to ease my discomfort and improve the quality of my skin. By fully embracing oils, I saw immediate relief. Over time I saw my pore size shrink, color and texture improve and overall skin health change dramatically for the better.

Oils became my panacea for all issues: scalp, cuts, sore spots, diaper rash in my children, hot spots on my dogs, etc. But as I was stockpiling all types of oils on my quest for the best combinations, I found that much like any “fresh food”, oils have a shelf life! As each new oil was discovered and placed on the shelf, it began to age. Sadly, I learned this the hard way. Sometimes as I would start to experiment with ratios and combinations I would smell the telltale acridity of oil that had “turned”.

What does a rancid oil smell like?

Everyone has a different description: metallic, soapy, acidic. I don’t know that I have a description, but I feel it is very apparent. You will know it has turned! Sometimes the bottle may even build up a little pressure. An oil that has turned will not hurt you if used topically, it is just not the most pleasant experience.

Why do good oils turn bad?

Oils become rancid through a chemical reaction called oxidation that causes the fat molecules in the oil to break down. The whole process is sped up by exposure to air, light, and heat. Also, if impurities are in the oils, this will expedite spoilage. Certain oils are more susceptible than others such as walnut and sesame.

What can we do to maximize freshness and longevity?

Kindred Skincare Co. guarantees our products for 12 months and delivers the best product possible. We use fractionated coconut and shea oil since removing the long-chain fatty acids not only increases absorption and reduces the chance of breakouts, but fractionating also helps prolong shelf life.

Cleanliness is everything! Our lab is very clean, we use gloves and a food-safe alcohol-based sanitizer for all surfaces and components, and we limit exposure of the oils during manufacturing. We also sterilize every container and mixing components before filling. The fewer contaminates, the better the products.

What can you do once you bring products home?

Keep the oils out of direct sunlight and store at room temperature or lower. Our products do not contain any preservatives and should be kept out of the warm humid environment of the shower. Date your products with a marker when you bring them home and know that you have 12 months to use it. Don’t treat your oil like a family heirloom; enjoy your oil every day and watch the continued improvement of your skin with daily use.

Some of our products like Eye Magique, Serum Magique, and Shinrin Energie Mist need to be shaken to distribute the ingredients before each use since we do not use emulsifiers. Shaking the products each time guarantees the efficacy of the products down to the last drop!

If you live in a hot humid climate, you may want to store some of your products (especially butter-based) in the refrigerator in the hottest months like July and August. Heat and humidity significantly speed up the oxidation of oils.

Oils are not complicated, but like anything of value should be cared for properly. A little knowledge and effort can go a long way to protect your investment. Any more questions? Always feel free to reach out! Remember you are family and there are no bad questions!

Frances Thrasher Signature - Kindred Skincare Co.

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