Meet Kindred Ambassador: Rebekah Collinsworth

Meet Kindred Ambassador: Rebekah Collinsworth
What’s your name and where do you call home?

Hey there, my name is Rebekah and I live in Charleston, South Carolina. I moved down here about seven years ago from New Hampshire so it took a while to think of this as home but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

What do you do for a living?

I’m the managing director at Uprise Partners. We’re a consultancy that helps businesses launch and evolve. It’s a treat to work with smart innovative people across the country so most days work doesn’t really feel like work. But in my downtime, I’m usually hanging out with my family. We live halfway between the beach and downtown Charleston so we have the best of both worlds and are usually out taking advantage of everything the Lowcountry has to offer.

Why did you start using organic skincare?

It’s funny… I’ve always been very aware of the things I put in my body, but it wasn’t until my partner Rob challenged me to start thinking of the products I was using on my body that I started exploring the world of organic skincare and cosmetics. (Truth be told, I was taken aback when I learned that a mascara I had always used had lead in it. You live and learn.)

Do you choose organic products and foods in other aspects of your life?

Totally! We’re lucky to live in a world where if you’re curious about the social or environmental implications of the products you consume or the brands you support, you can do a little research before making a purchase. From food to cosmetics to household cleaning products, we try to find organic, environmentally-friendly options whenever we can.

How did you discover Kindred Skincare Co. and why do you like it?

I was at Sweet 185, a local spa, getting my eyelashes tinted. I definitely wasn’t in the market for any skincare products but after complaining to the esthetician about my very dry very sensitive skin, she introduced me to Kindred and it literally changed my life. I left with tinted eyelashes and an armload of new Kindred products to try.

Using Kindred products feels special…there’s something ritualistic about oil cleansing. And as I’ve gotten older (and spend a lot of time in the sun), I’ve shifted my focus from cosmetics that cover my skin to skincare products that take care of my skin. Since using Kindred, my skin has drastically improved and I go days without makeup… it’s become my new normal.

What are some skin issues that concern you?

All of the above? Just kidding… sort of. I’m in my 30s and I’m in the sun a lot so I do think about things like fine lines but at the end of the day, I’m most concerned about protecting my skin from the sun and from being dry. If I don’t stay diligent about oil cleansing it shows. My skin has always been dry… like flaky forehead, peeling eyelids dry so I try to stay on top of hydrating my skin.

If you can pick just one, which Kindred product is your fav (so far!)?

It’s a tie. First, the blemish cleanse. I actually ended up with it accidentally because the shop was out of the oil cleanse. For me, both cleanse products work equally well but that scent of the blemish cleanse… I don’t know what it is but it’s magical! Second, the nightly nourish. Because my skin is so dry I actually use it in the morning as well. It keeps my skin feeling nourished all day long.

What changes in your skin have you noticed since starting Kindred?

I get more ‘you’re glowing’ comments now than I did when I was pregnant. Because my skin is so hydrated, I’ve noticed reduced redness and flaking. As I said, I also wear little to no makeup these days because I’m not trying to cover up my skin. It’s great.

Why do you want to be a Kindred Ambassador?

I’ve always loved sharing things I’m excited about. Whether it’s a product or project, I think it’s important to spread the love… especially when it comes to things you believe in. I believe in Kindred and am always going to encourage people to introduce more organic products into their daily routine.

Who’s the first person you introduced Kindred Skincare to when you started using it?

It always feels like you’re in cahoots when you find out someone you know also loves Kindred. I was at an event and high-fived a girlfriend who I found out was using Kindred. We ended up walking our group of friends through what oil cleansing is and why we both love it… even though we have different skin concerns.

If you could gift Kindred’s skincare line to one person, who would it be?

My partner, Rob, who inspired me to think about the products I use on my body.

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