Meet Kindred Ambassador: Sara Sloane

Meet Kindred Ambassador: Sara Sloane
What’s your name and where do you call home?

Hi! I’m Sara, and I live in Greenwich Village in New York City.

What do you do for a living?

I work in Wealth Management for one of the largest banks in New York. I really enjoy what I do because I can combine my passion for philanthropy with my analytical nature. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, painting, cooking, and exercise (right now, I’m doing a combination of yoga, barre, and boxing!). I especially love spending time with my husband, family, and dog, Libby.

Why did you start using organic skincare?

I have always been a healthy eater, and am very conscious about where my food comes from. The more I learned about the chemicals we ingest on a daily basis through our diets, the more I also learned about the chemicals in our skincare and household products. I love using organic skincare because I feel like I am caring for my skin in the best and most natural way I can.

Do you choose organic products and foods in other aspects of your life?

Absolutely. We are inundated with chemicals from so many products that we don’t even realize – I try to buy and use organic products and foods whenever possible.

How did you discover Kindred Skincare Co. and why do you like it?

I discovered Kindred through my mother, who lives in Delaware and is local to the company. I love that the products are organic, made in small batches, and the ingredients are natural and recognizable. In the mornings and evenings when I use the products, I can read an ingredient label in less than thirty seconds, and I know exactly what I’m putting on my face. I’m also very happy to support a small (and growing!) business.

What are some skin issues that concern you, i.e. acne, fine lines, sun care, etc?

I have been lucky to have generally good skin, but have combination skin (oilier t-zone) and have suffered with bouts of adult cystic acne. I am also concerned about protecting my face from the sun and preventing sunburns, sun spots, and the early and preventable formation of wrinkles!

If you can pick just one, which Kindred product is your fav (so far!)?

I love all the products I’ve used, so that’s a tough question! I think I would have to say the Nightly Nourish. I think night products are so important because your skin is in recovery mode overnight, so whatever you put on before bed has time to sink in and work its magic. It also contains one of my favorite ingredients/scents – lavender oil!

What changes in your skin have you noticed since starting Kindred?

Since using these products, my skin has been noticeably more glowing and healthy-looking. I’ve also had a significant reduction in breakouts. I have also found that I am wearing less makeup, as I’m happier with my complexion and feel I have less of a need to cover anything up.

Why do you want to be a Kindred Ambassador?

I wanted to become a Kindred Ambassador to spread the word about this great company and products I genuinely love using.

Who’s the first person you introduced Kindred Skincare to when you started using it?

My mother introduced me to the line, and we have been discovering the different products together! I love that we can both use the same products despite differences in age, skin tone, and complexion. I think that says a lot about these products and their appeal across many different women.

If you could gift Kindred’s skincare line to one person, who would it be?

I would love to gift a set to all my close girlfriends – I know everyone would fall in love!

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