Meet Serum Magique & Shinrin Énergie Mist

Meet Serum Magique & Shinrin Énergie Mist

We’re so excited to expand the kindred line. Read the press release below for all the details!

Kindred Bets on Anti-Aging Benefits of Apple Stem Cells With First-Ever Serum

Green beauty experts at Kindred Skincare Co. expand plant-based line with new products and additional colors

Yorklyn, Del. (February 26, 2019) — Kindred Skincare Co., an organic skincare collection, today announced the launch of two new products: Serum Magique, the first Kindred product specifically formulated to target signs of aging, and Shinrin Énergie Mist, a refreshing mist packed with essential oils.

The much-anticipated Serum Magique ($145) is an anti-aging serum made with organic ingredients whose formula encourages cell turnover, aids in decreasing discoloration and promotes overall skin health.

Botanical ingredients in Serum Magique, in addition to Kindred’s signature oils, include Hawaiian sea silt for increased hydration, apple and argan stem cells for an antioxidant boost, aspen bark for gentle resurfacing, sake yeast filled with amino acids and American caviar oil to moisturize, and vitamin K for reduced discoloration.

“Many anti-aging skincare products are chemically based, but it’s absolutely possible to address common signs of aging in an ethical way with botanicals that deliver beautiful results,” said Frances Thrasher, founder of Kindred Skincare Co. “We are thrilled to introduce Serum Magique to the Kindred line, truly a magic elixir that blends our powerhouse oils with some of nature’s best anti-aging properties.”

In addition to Serum Magique, Kindred also launched Shinrin Énergie Mist ($38), a clarifying hydrosol mist inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing.” Made with energizing crystals, this soothing spray has many uses — as a hydrosol, the salicylic acid in the aspen bark gently refines and hydrates your skin. As an energy clearing spray, Énergie Mist can cleanse your energy as well as the energy of your space. Ingredients include aspen bark, lavender, fir needle, clary sage and crystals.

“At Kindred, we firmly believe that connecting with nature improves overall health and well-being. The essence of Shinrin-yoku is in everything we do, and it’s with that in mind that we formulated Shinrin Énergie Mist,” said Thrasher. “This sage mist brings a little bit of that euphoria of being in the woods to any space, creating a restorative atmosphere by opening the senses and lifting the space into positive energy. Shinrin Énergie Mist is all about refreshment and tranquility.”

Available in 2-ounce bottles, Shinrin Énergie Mist is perfect for travel. “Allow the crystals to charge in the sun or moonlight to intensify the effects of the energy,” adds Thrasher.

In addition to expanding its line with two new products, Kindred has added three new colors to its popular Bâton de Couleur, a collection of skincare with color for cheeks and lips. Violet, Vin, and Peche are now available, joining the existing d’Or and Rosé colors, which launched in summer 2018.

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