Mini Pink Book – July 2018

Mini Pink Book – July 2018

It was love at first drop when I tried Kindred’s La Femme Body Oil. It nourishes the skin in a flash and smells heavenly. Tubes of the Organic Lip Plump and Under Eye Treatment followed — before I knew it, I was completely hooked.

Creator Frances Thrasher spent ten years researching cellular level skin science and working with renowned Atlanta-based facial plastic surgeon Dr. Theresa Jarmuz before debuting the line. As a former materials science engineer, Frances definitely did her homework. And then some.

Through formulating countless cleansers and moisturizers from plant-derived oils, she created the ideal formulas. Each and every ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen for its skin and spirit soothing abilities.

My medicine cabinet is now stocked with nearly the entire line. Bâton Rose is quickly becoming a favorite — swipe on the lips and cheeks for a pop of rose and a subtle sparkle. Who doesn’t need that?


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