Organic vs. Natural?

Organic vs. Natural?

We receive a lot of questions about the difference between “organic” and “natural” and what those words mean to Kindred. So here’s the 411…

We can’t speak for other brands, but for Kindred Skincare Co., “organic” means certified organic sourcing. We purchase certified organic products, which means they have the USDA certification and are guaranteed 100% organic. All of the oils and botanicals we use are certified and from reputable countries and sources. If there is an item that is non-organic, we note that on our packaging (ex. our fig seeds).

When a skincare product is labeled “natural,” it actually doesn’t mean anything. The FDA has not established a regulatory definition for the term “natural” in cosmetic labeling, so many companies freely use the word on their products to attract customers—making “natural” an over-used, often misleading term.

Here’s a tip  –> Rather than seeking something labeled “natural,” be on the lookout for products made with certified organic ingredients and botanicals, which literally come from nature (and what’s more natural than that?!) Brands that are truly natural often go a step further by listing product ingredients on all packaging, so customers will know exactly what they are applying to their skin. If it’s difficult to find or pronounce a product’s ingredients, that’s a red flag that it’s probably not actually natural.

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