Reef-Safe, Chemical-Free Sunscreen

Reef-Safe, Chemical-Free Sunscreen

Summer is just around the corner and we can practically smell the salt water and feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. Because of this, we are so excited to debut our two brand new organic sunscreens! Reef-safe, chemical-free, and made with only organic ingredients, we created one sunscreen for the face and one for the body. Both formulas feature non-nano zinc oxide which is a safer, less intrusive alternative to nano zinc oxide for optimal sun protection. All of the ingredients used are organic, so you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and in the water.

Première Défense is our lightweight formula for your gorgeous face and Bâton de Soleil is our sweat proof sunscreen for your body. We believe it’s important to offer a variety of sunscreen formulas because the needs of facial skin and needs of the skin on the rest of the body are different, thus requiring distinctive approaches. Facial skin is more delicate, sensitive, and thinner, requiring a gentler touch and added hydration. The skin of the body does a lot of work, especially when working outside or exercising, it’s thicker, and is less likely to see the sun (think: the first day you wear shorts after a long winter), making it more likely to get burnt. We believe addressing these issues separately, with ingredients specifically designed to protect and enhance each area individually, will give you your most beautiful skin.

Première Défense

We combine non-nano zinc oxide with a base of green tea butter to create this effective SPF 18 facial sunscreen. Non-nano zinc oxide protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and the nourishing properties of green tea butter replace your daily moisturizer, making this a seamless addition to your skincare regime. This hydrating sunscreen is available in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. Light is crafted for light to fair skin, Medium is made for darker skin tones with a darker undertone, and Dark is specifically created for dark skin and carefully formulated to not turn purple.

Première Défense is truly an all-in-one facial sunscreen. Wear it as a primer before applying makeup or on its own for lightweight coverage. We include a Kabuki brush to easily blend for perfect all day, everyday wear.

Bâton de Soleil

Made with beeswax from our very own bee hives, this mango butter base solid stick is the ideal SPF 22 sunscreen for the body. Beeswax ensures this organic sunscreen will be sweat proof through surfing, gardening, and lounging at the pool, while mango butter adds a soothing touch. Bâton de Soleil is available in one color—a beautiful gold that easily melts into any skin tone. This conditioning sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV rays while giving you a gorgeous glow, sans the white chalky streaks.

Bâton de Soleil is specifically formulated for your body, but if you’re going to be outside for a long period of time, it will also work well for your face.

Like all sunscreens, remember to reapply regularly for optimal sun protection!

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