Smudging Your Space

Smudging Your Space

I am such a believer in energy! Although we are responsible to manifest our own energy, there are tools we can use to clear negative energy and invite a more positive flow, like smudging your space!

I moved my workshop last month and would never think about living in a new environment without smudging. Not only can the ancient art of smudging (burning sage sticks) literally clear the air by cleansing the air of unwanted bacteria, but there is the vital mental component of intentions.

As you open the windows and walk around your space with the sage, you are reminding yourself of your many blessings and opening the door (again literally) to more blessings. Tell God (the Universe or whatever Higher Being) that you are lifting the space into positive energy and believing in a greater good. I always find myself smiling as I remind myself of the many things that I am so thankful for.

Once I have sufficiently cleared any perceived negativity, I close the windows and doors and light a Palo Santo stick and start listing my goals. I find it very useful to say thank you for the goals as if they have already been achieved. Again, it leaves me in a positive and thankful space that is open for opportunity.

Although I always go through this ritual in a new space, it is incredibly helpful to repeat on a regular basis in your home or office. We can all easily succumb to the stress and negativity of everyday life. Gift yourself with a regular smudge and you will reap the benefits!



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