Waiting On Martha – May 2018

Waiting On Martha – May 2018

Mandy Kellogg Rye, founder of Waiting On Martha, writes about Kindred Skincare’s La Femme Body Oil, Polish Cleanse and Baton Rose in her round-up of “3 New-To-Me Beauty Brands I’m Loving Right Now.”

“This (La Femme Body Oil) luxurious, moisturizing body oil is perfect for everyday use; it absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling amazing. With ingredients like almond oil, shea oil, coconut oil, rose geranium oil and lavender oil, it’s the perfect addition to your nontoxic beauty routine. Added bonus: a percentage of Kindred’s profits benefit Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.”

“I can’t rave enough about this product (Polish Cleanse) by Kindred Skincare Co. The blend of mango butter and green tea butter work together to soothe and moisturize my sensitive skin. It’s pretty versatile too; the citrus peel and fig seeds gently exfoliate the top layer of skin. Check the list of ingredients to believe it for yourself; it’s a gem of a product.”

“This little stick (Bâton Rosé) can be used on the face and body for a little shimmer and color for the cheeks, lips, shoulders, decollete, arms, etc. It’s made of all organic ingredients and smells divine; mango butter, evening primrose oil, calendula oil, rose geranium oil and mineral powder.” 


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