How Oils Work

Kindred Skincare - Organic Skincare Products

The oil cleansing method of skin care has received a lot of buzz lately; but, like many “new ideas,” this practice is based on solid chemistry and thousands of years of use. Here’s the science behind it.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is protected by the sebum, which consists of triglycerides, wax esters, and squalene. These oils are very effective at shielding our skin from the daily barrage of bacteria and toxins, and play an important role in our overall health. That’s why it’s so important to preserve them.

Our culture has been taught to be “squeaky clean” and use lots of suds to clean the oil, dirt, and makeup from our faces after a busy day. The foaming agents, emulsifiers and thickeners that are part of most facial-cleansing products have given us the texture and viscosity that we equate with “clean.” But have you ever washed your face and then wiped it dry only to see makeup residue on your towel and immediately have your skin feel pinched and dry?

The polarized molecules in most water-based soaps mix with the water we splash onto our faces as we apply them. They may attract some polarized dirt particles but will never attract oil molecules. Much like when you shake oil and vinegar together in a bottle, when you wash with water the oil and water molecules on your face move around but do not truly interact.

Kindred’s carefully formulated oils, on the other hand, gently loosen the top layer of sebum that traps dirt and makeup. They clean the skin without stripping the needed sebum, which is deeper in the pores. “Over cleaning” with conventional soaps can stimulate the production of excess sebum and create unwanted oiliness. Oil cleansing removes foreign particles while maintaining a healthy sebum.

An equally important part of any cleansing process is mechanical action. By using your hands to massage the product all over your face, throat, and chest for a couple of minutes, you distribute its oils and dislodge the dirt and makeup from your pores. Don’t rush this process! Along with their cleansing properties, the essential oils in Kindred Skincare Co. products are formulated to promote a sense of wellbeing. A few minutes later when you wipe your skin thoroughly with a very warm washcloth, your skin and your spirits will feel clean and refreshed.

Kindred Skincare Co. only uses certified organic, food-grade oils in our handmade batches. We don’t want you to put anything on your body that isn’t safe enough to go in your body!