“I wanted to write to thank Kindred for making such wonderful products and for going above and beyond to make their customers feel valued and cared for. I have been struggling with hormonal acne, and after receiving a facial, my esthetician recommended a few of your products. I was blown away by the results! Needing a resupply, I ordered from your website and was impressed with the timeliness, the wonderful loyalty program, and the personal touches in the package- including hand sanitizer, a thoughtful gift during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you, for putting time, energy, and care into all of your products! I am a big fan and happy to tell anyone who will listen!”
“I had extremely dry skin from retinol and this (Intense Moisture) was the only thing that cured it. The texture is amazing- it starts off as a solid butter that when smoothed onto your skin melts into an oil. Very luxurious. It really feels like it is deeply nourishing your skin. I haven’t tried anything like it before. I live in London where this isn’t stocked (please come to the U.K.!) but I will reorder it as it’s that good. It’s organic and the scent is amazing. It doesn’t feel like you are putting lots of fake harsh chemicals on your skin. Also, the service when ordering was so personal and lovely.”
Kindred Skincare
“I’ve only used this product (Serum Magique) twice but I noticed it evened out my skin after one use. Looking forward to continued use. Also, your shipping is amazing – orders always arrive before I even remember to look out for a package! Thank you!
“Shinrin Sleep is TERRIFIC. Frances, suggested this product to me when I stopped by her store. I go to sleep easily, if I do wake up I spray a bit more and I am back to a restful sleep. I highly recommend Shinrin Sleep.”
“This (Nightly Nourish) is a heavenly scented face oil that is so relaxing to apply before bed. It is like aromatherapy, plus I find the texture thick and luxurious and my face feels soft and nourished in the morning.”
“I was having the WORST breakouts ever – all over my neck, around my chin, all hormonal but I’m a 26-year-old with the skin of a 14-year-old girl! I tried A LOT. Finally, I went home and my mom gifted me a facial at Houpette in Greenville and that’s where I was introduced to Kindred! I bought the Nightly Nourish, which now leads to my collection of Nightly Nourish, Oil Cleanse, Intense Moisture (OBSESSED WITH – a godsend in the cold dry winter in Boston) and the Polish Cleanse! My face cleared up instantly and I recommend to anyone I meet! Thank you so much – I LOVE KINDRED!”
Kindred Skincare - Organic Skincare Products
“I tried a sample of this product (Serum Magique) at a spa event at Montchanin Village yesterday evening. This morning, I noticed that a particular scar on my face is 90% attenuated. Additionally, I haven’t looked this refreshed in a while, and my skin hasn’t felt this healthy and smooth in years. For a product to work this quickly is remarkable, but due to clinical proof/results, stem cells are increasingly being taken seriously for the purposes of regeneration (i.e., I am not surprised). As a scientist, I respect the due-diligence and excellent research Frances (also, a scientist) has invested in this (and her other) organic product(s), and will consider it one of the necessary “tools” of my skin-care arsenal and regimen, moving forward. Thank you, Kindred!
“As you know we met some time ago when I was struggling with terrible Acne. One of the products you recommended for the winter months was the intense moisture. During this time this moisturizer has become the answer to all skin ailments in our house. If my daughter has an itchy spot from eczema I reach for that. I have even caught my boyfriend dipping into it the last few weeks since we’ve been home. When I asked him what he was using it on he said his elbows and other various dry/ itchy patches on his body. He says it’s the only thing that gives him immediate and long term relief. This moisturizer has been our miracle cream. Thank you!
“I had a client who had just lost all her hair including lashes due to chemo. She started using Lash Magique and came in a week later to show me her gorgeous new lashes. We both cried hard.”