A Day At Kindred

Two In The Sanctuary

Half Day - 2 mini services per person (2 hours)
$250 includes gratuity

  • complimentary beverage
  • 2 30 minute facials

Full Day - 2 services per person (3-4 hours)
$500 includes gratuity

  • lunch
  • complimentary beverage
  • 2 50 minute facials or 50 minute body treatment


What’s better than a visit to Kindred Skincare Co? Visiting the Shinrin Sanctuary together with a friend, relative, or significant other! Did you know that you both can be in the sanctuary at the same time? Even though Alexandra is our only esthéticienne (only 1 facial or body treatment at a time) the other table in the room will receive a foot treatment while they wait for their facial or body treatment. How delightful! Once the first round of services is completed, you’ll continue to luxuriate on your table while the Kindred team members change places. No need to rush back into the madness of the world after a relaxing couple of hours, why don’t you and your friend have lunch in the relaxation loft before continuing on with your day? Lunch from Talula’s Table is a great addition to this package, let us know in the appointment notes if you’re interested. To book, choose the variation with the services you want!