ABC Balm


ABC Balm


For Abrasions, Bums and Chafing

ABC Balm is the perfect remedy for so many things: diaper rash, inner thigh chafing, bicycle rub, bum fissures, the list goes on and on! Healing Tamanu oil combined with soothing Zinc oxide and Bentonite soothe the skin, vegan Candelilla wax protects the skin, while castor oil heals and Clove oil gently numbs. The “go-to” balm for everyone ages 0-100!

The 2.5 oz. tube is available with a FREE Kindred Key which allows you to squeeze the tube without wasting any product! Select “ABC Balm with Key” if you’d like to receive one with your order.

Ingredients (organic unless noted*):
Mango butter, Tamanu oil, Castor oil, Non-nano zinc oxide*, Bentonite, Calendula oil, Candelilla wax*, Peppermint oil, Clove oil

Other Uses:
– Great for burns and bug bites

This product is vegan and pregnancy-safe.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the warm weather, all orders that include a butter-based product will have a $7 shipping charge to cover the cost of an insulated container and an ice pack.

“ABC is a lifesaver! It calmed my bug bites and soothed my skin instantly!”


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ABC Balm

ABC Balm, ABC Balm with key


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