Special Edition Bâton de Couleur: Amour

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Special Edition Bâton de Couleur: Amour


Meet Amour, our special edition Bâton de Couleur that can be used as a lip color, eyeshadow, and/or blush. Available with or without a Kabuki Brush for easy application.

“Báton de Couleur was originally created to add sheer, easily applied color that doubles as an organic moisturizer: thus the “skincare with color” moniker. We started with Rosé, then added d’Or, Peche, and Vin: all colors that blend well with all skin shades and undertones. They are equally popular colors and created a challenge when trying to produce a new and exciting color for our Kindred Family. During the pandemic, I gathered dozens of colors of mineral powder looking for inspiration and one color kept standing out: chameleon. How appropriate! Every person I know is a chameleon, wearing different hats and walking through life setting an example for others: parent/ chef/ entrepreneur/ chauffeur/ pet sitter/ cleaning specialist/ the list goes on and on…..especially this year! You all inspire me and I wanted to give back! A new color, a new charity, and a new look! So I took the “chameleon” ironically I mixed it with some coffee-colored mineral powder (coffee is my middle name these days) and a few other colors, and voila….Amour. This color is stunning and looks completely different on everyone, and the best part is that every time you buy this color you are giving a helping hand to someone else.” – Frances Thrasher, Founder & Creator

A percentage of profits from the sale of Amour is donated to New Leash On Life USA. For more information, visit our Nonprofit Partners page.

Ingredients (all organic):
Mango butter, Evening primrose oil, Calendula oil, Rose geranium oil, and Mineral powder.

This product is vegan and pregnancy-safe.

“Love love love this color! On me it comes out as a deep rose and gives my cheeks a dewy look!”


Earn up to 45 Points.

Include Kabuki Brush

No, Yes


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