Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha Tool


Use our beautiful rose quartz Gua Sha Tool for regular self-treatment to improve skin tone, increase elasticity, move lymphatic fluid, release muscle tension, and so much more! This ancient Chinese Medicine technique has been used for thousands of years by practitioners and individuals to achieve better skin health.

1. Start with freshly cleaned skin.
2. Spray the skin lightly with Shinrin Engerie Mist.
3. Liberally apply your favorite Kindred facial moisturizer (Morning Moisture, Nightly Nourish or Intense Moisture.)
4. Start the Gua Sha massage on your neck and then move upwards on your face, finishing with your forehead.
5. Take your time and enjoy.

1. Always anchor the skin with your fingers before scarping the tool across the face.
2. Use gentle motions and pressure; remember less is more, our facial skin can be fragile.

Other Uses:
– Perfect for use all over the body for releasing muscle tension and increasing elasticity

“I love using this tool in the morning. It immediately depuffs and cools my skin!”

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