Nightly Nourish


So the day may have left you feeling a little depleted and worn out. After cleansing with Oil Cleanse or Blemish Cleanse, Kindred has just the thing to restore your skin overnight: Nightly Nourish. This blend of enriching and soothing oils includes shea, evening primrose, coconut, grape seed and arnica oils that pamper your face as you head off to bed. Base oils are carefully blended with the essential oils of geranium, lavender, and palmarosa to repair and nourish your skin before you slip off to dreamland. Nightly Nourish can also be used during the day if you need extra moisture during the colder, drier months.


Ingredients (all organic):

shea butter oil

coconut oil

evening primrose oil

grape seed oil

calendula oil

arnica oil

palmarosa oil

geranium oil

lavender oil


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