Solid Perfume


Solid Perfume


Organic Shea Butter and essential oils create a beautiful solid butter perfume that is perfect for anyone who is sensitive to fragrance. It moisturizes while delivering a long-lasting subtle scent.

Choose from three “flavors”
– Signature Kindred: Lavender, Clary sage and Sandalwood
– La Femme: Rose Geranium, Lavender, Bergamot and Mint
– Énergié: Fir, Clary sage, and Lavender

Ingredients (all organic):
Shea butter, Candelilla wax, Essential oils, and Mineral powder

This product is vegan and pregnancy-safe.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the warm weather, all orders that include a butter-based product will have a $7 shipping charge to cover the cost of an insulated container and an ice pack.

“I was so excited to try these out! I love them all and ended up with Énergié because I love the pep I get from it, and I plan on gifting these to my sisters for their birthdays!”


Earn up to 30 Points.


Signature Kindred, La Femme, Énergié


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