Protecting Your Skin While Traveling

Protecting Your Skin While Traveling - Kindred Skincare

The average humidity in an airplane cabin is around 12%; by comparison, the average desert humidity is 25% (!). Needless to say, continued exposure to such low levels of relative humidity can be harmful to skin, causing desiccation (extreme dryness) and cracking. While dry skin can be uncomfortable, more importantly, it can also cause the skin to lose its ability to create a protective barrier. Exposure to microbes, allergens and harmful chemicals can trigger possible infections and allergies, and all of those elements can be present throughout the air travel experience.

Below are four Kindred products that will help ensure you arrive after a long flight feeling moisturized, fresh and put-together.

Intense Moisture
This rich tamanu butter-based facial moisturizer is the perfect solution for air travel. Tamanu oil contains more than 35% of a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid), which participates in reconstituting the epidermal lipids and has the property to prevent water loss from the skin while providing soothing, protective and nutritious qualities. It’s perfect for rehydrating and revitalizing dry /damaged skin. Tamanu butter also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and has been used in wound/burn healing for thousands of years. This “melt in your hands” moisturizer is the perfect companion to help you arrive at your next destination feeling refreshed and protected.

Body Bâton
Traveling can create the need for constant hand washing and use of an anti-bacterial gel to minimize exposure to unwanted germs. This increased protection can leave hands red and chapped. Body Bâton is a “go anywhere” solid stick moisturizer that allows you to treat the dry backs of your hands but leaves your palms grease free. Kindred’s simple push-up stick is filled with organic mango butter, beeswax and the anti-fungal properties of calendula oil. You can choose one of three essential oil combos: Lavender, Tangerine & Clove, or Woods. This stick is easy to keep in your briefcase or bag, and it works on lips, too!

Bâton Rosé
Need color on the go without the mess? Bâton Rosé is color and moisture all in one! Mineral powder gives a hint of color and shimmer to cheeks and lips, while mango butter and calendula oil gently moisturize and proved anti-fungal protection. Your cheeks and lips will look rosy and dewy even after a long flight!

Under Eye Treat
Puffy eyes and air travel seem to always go hand in hand. Kindred’s Under Eye Treat helps alleviate the puffy eye with ingredients like coffee butter, fennel, arnica and cypress, which have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the puffiness that comes from the changing pressure of flight. Evening primrose oil is brimming with fatty acids that will moisturize and hydrate the delicate under-eye tissue, which can minimize fine lines and wrinkles. To apply, just twist and use the brush-on applicator, making it mess-free and an easy on-to-go under eye moisturizer!

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