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Eye Magique - Now with hyaluronic acid and two sizes

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Eye Magique, our effective under-eye serum, is a beautiful addition to our Magique line by Kindred Skincare Co.

The amazing combination of probiotics and other powerful botanicals makes this a must for nighttime under-eye care. To enhance and improve the effects, we now have included hyaluronic acid

The dropper allows you to dispense the perfect amount of serum onto your fingertips, gently apply to the under eye area.  Then use our stunning Borosilicate glass wand to massage the product into the skin while simultaneously moving lymphatic fluid.  The wand can easily be chilled by submerging in a glass of cool water before use.  We chose a blue tipped wand because the color blue is calming and can remove heat.

If you need additional massage for the under eye as well as the entire face, you can also purchase our beautiful rose quartz mushroom.  This easy to hold stone can help relieve tensions and extra fluid.  You can purchase the stone under the treatments.  

If a roller ball is what you prefer, we found the perfect roller ball that only dispenses the serum with pressure, so you can use the stainless steel ball to massage without using too much product. Please note: roller ball colors vary.

Ingredients (all organic):

Pomegranate, Probiotics, Green tea, Green coffee, Sea Buckthorn, Camellia, Cucumber, Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender

This product is vegan and pregnancy-safe.


Please Note:  This product is intended to go under the eye, not on or in the eye