A Day With Frances

I had a dream come true when our family moved to a farm in Pennsylvania.

Growing up playing on the tractor at my grandfather’s farm in South Carolina ingrained the love of fruit trees, horses, hay fields, small ponds and all the other gifts that come with the fresh air of wide open spaces. It took me decades to make this dream a reality but he we are…

In addition to my family, we have a variety of animals, most rescues: horses, dogs, cats and chickens. Who knows what animal will land her next.

So how is a day with me?

  • Starts with a splash of water on my face, no cleansing in the morning for my Ginko Tree skin
  • A cup of black tea with milk while I quickly check emails and the schedule for the day.
  • Then off to barn chores: feed, water, throw hay in the fields, clean stalls, gather eggs, etc.
  • A quick shower to remove all the barn dust. Foaming Wash for hair and body.
  • Serum Magique Spèciale is the first thing I apply out of the shower followed by Body Oil (signature flavor) from head to toe. A dust of mineral powder and a little Peche on my cheeks and lips.
  • Monday and Tuesday are in the lab on the farm. Making and bottling products.
  • Wednesday- Friday off to The Shop for appointments and drop ins.
  • Saturdays are farm and field days to tend to crops, horse fields and overall maintenance.
  • Sunday is a day of rest and family. Sitting in the sun reading with a Clay Mask is beneficial too.

Evenings are animal chores again…feeding, watering, buttoning up the stalls if it is a chilly night to keep all the critters warm.Showers at night start with a slow and meaningful facial massage with Oil Cleanse. Focusing on my skin and calming my mind for the end of day. Twice a week I add Polished Cleanse to remove the dry skin. After shower Body Oil from head to toe including hair then on the the facial routine. Serum Magique applied liberally to face and neck the I allow it to absorb completely while brushing my teeth and putting on pjs. Intense Moisture is the next step to pamper my skin. I head to bed where I have my Eye Magique and Lash Magique to apply while warming up in the sheets.

I love what I do and eagerly look forward to each day!