Our Commitments

What started as a desire to make quality organic oil based skincare has grown to a company that wants to leave the day a little better than we found it. We will continually strive to make improvements and evolve.

Woman Owned

Kindred Skincare Co. is solely owned by Frances. However, behind every woman is an army of family, friends and team members that make this dream come true.


There is no such thing as "anti-aging", aging is inevitable and should be celebrated! What we can control is making healthy choices and aging gracefully. Removing all the "anti" claims and replacing them with positive imagery is our goal. We no longer use the term anti-aging in an effort to become less ageist and instead focus on Glow Aging, enhancing the appearance at any age.

Eco Conscious

Every year we evolve a little bit more to create a smaller footprint on this beautiful planet.  Although not perfect, we have implemented a few changes to make a difference.

- started a refill program
-working to eliminate more plastic each year
-working with suppliers that promise ethically harvested products

Naked Packaging

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that plastic and other packaging waste makes up around 30 percent of total U.S. waste annually.

Inspired to make a personal impact on this issue, Kindred Skincare Co. eliminated most exterior packaging in 2020.  We continue to list all ingredients on the bottle, so you know at anytime that the products you apply to your skin are so pure that they are edible.

No Animal Testing

We would never test on animals.  Frances’s farm is filled with rescue animals of all varieties, and they are family!  The Kindred Skincare Family is filled with devoted members that are always ready to be the first one to try a new product!

Small Batch

Kindred products will always be hand made in small batches

Almost once a week we hear a heartwarming story about how our Kindred Skincare Family members feel about the products….  

- how they feel about their skin
- how it has made them feel better about themselves overall
- how it is a moment each day that they take to truly care for themselves

These incredible comments inspire Frances each time she heads into the lab to hand batch each product.  The small batch approach allows consistency, quality control and efficacy.  This process also allows Frances to truly apply love, care and positive energy into every bottle.  The aloe is filled with sunlight, music and contentment and we feel that shows in every drop!

Impeccable Ingredients

In engineering terms, a building is only as good as it’s foundation. Without a quality base even the most beautiful structure will crumble.

The same is for any other project, the raw ingredients can make or break the final product. Frances is very particular about her suppliers and has built relationships with many small companies that help source the purest and cleanest oils, botanicals and other ingredients from the US and Europe.

We have even changed our glass containers, they are now sourced in Italy to guarantee a chemical free and small batch vessel.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back, especially to our local communities.  Our new product inspired by a non profit partnership began with La Femme and Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.  The response was overwhelming and inspired the addition of three more products to pair with our additional partners.  Although the intention was to “give”, we received so much more in return.

- incredibly inspiring young adults who interned at Kindred
- beautiful new friendships
- volunteer opportunities for us in the community