Welcome to the Kindred Skincare Forest!

Everyone has descriptions for skin that seem so limiting: Oily, older skin, acne...these words elicit a response that make you recoil and feel defensive:

“I don’t feel mature/old”
“My skin doesn’t not break out all the time”
“I have tried everything and nothing works”

We get it, we hear you and we understand! 
Our inspiration always has been nature and especially the notion of a Shinrin Yoku, we were into Forest Bathing before it was a buzzword!  So why not utilize the grace and beauty of trees to help you define the perfect skincare regimen?!

Take a look at the descriptions below and see if you find your place in the Kindred Forest.
It is ok if you don’t find the perfect answer, we are always a phone call, virtual appointment, or in person consult away!

What Tree Are You?TM

Ginko Tree:

I remember the 70’s all too well. I drank Tab, had a Light Brite, Lawn Darts, got tangled in a 20 foot phone cord while trying to have a private conversation away from the kitchen, rode in a carpool with 20 other children without a seatbelt in sight, and remember when the Fall Vogue weighed 5 pounds.  I am Glow-Aging, I may have some character to my face, but I want my skin to be healthy and look rested and refreshed each day.

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River Birch:

Sometimes I dread washing my face because I know it will be pinched and painful before I can slather on acres of moisturizer.  Even with all the moisturizing I feel like it is gone after only a few hours.  Nothing seems to work and I have dry, red, flaky patches that seem to never go away.

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I don’t want to talk about it….I have tried everything….I am constantly looking for concealer to cover up the redness, bumps, misbehaving areas of my face….Whether it is redness from rosacea, bumps from tree or hormonal related acne….painful cyclic bumps,  I have been to doctors, skincare companies, nothing has helped long term…it is painful and frustrating…Please take a walk with us to the Aspen Tree page, we would love to be your best solution xo

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Japanese Maple:

If I even look at a new product, I will have a reaction!  Exfoliants are too harsh, cleansers are too harsh, hidden ingredients are a big problem!  I am allergic/ovely sensitive to all products!  Frances understands, extremely sensitive skin is the reason she started this company!

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When I wake up there are oily places…how is that possible?  I did not run a marathon while I was sleeping… During the day, I am blotting oil, dealing with oily spots that pop up continually, especially along the T-Zone.

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My skin is an afterthought…no real problems, I use whatever soap/cleanser is available, I sometimes use moisturizer, no real problems or concerns to think of…I guess my skin is "normal" but I would like a regimen that is easy to follow and will help me Glow-Age through the years.

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I have a baby, child or teenager and I worry about the hidden chemicals in their body and hair care.  It is important to start healthy regimens early and I want a chemical free but effective solution.

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