Cleansing With Oil

Cleansing with the correct types and combinations of oil is the most thorough yet gentle way to remove makeup, urban dust and daily activities from your face. There is nothing that beats the efficacy of oil to deep clean yet leave your skin plump and content.

There is a very important first step for all oil cleansing……DRY SKIN

Much like the video above showing that oil and water do not mix, do not wet your face prior to oil cleansing. The water will create a barrier that will not allow the oil to solubilize the oil and dirt on your face.

Always apply oil to a dry face with dry skin and massage for a full two minutes. Spend some time enjoying the aroma of the oils. Allow your hands to warm and gently caress your face, neck and décolletage. Take moment to care for yourself and your skin. You and your hands are the most important part of the cleansing process. After the massage, completely remove the oil with a warm wet washcloth, splash with warm water and apply Serum Magique.