Our Non Profit Partners

Kindred Skincare Co. is proud to give back to the community and support nonprofits that work hard to make positive change. Scroll down to learn about our current nonprofit partners and why our founder and creator, Frances Thrasher, chose these organizations.

Autism Delaware

“Our family has the blessing of seeing firsthand the superpowers that someone on the spectrum utilizes everyday. There is so much awareness for early intervention and life skill training in elementary school for people on the spectrum, but what happens when you leave school? Being an adult is challenging for all of us, but what if you need a few extra tools in your life toolbox? When I found out that Autism Delaware had a special program to integrate and train adults to find jobs and be an integral part of our workforce, I was elated! We need more programs like POW&R to empower and encourage.

”Autism Delaware’s mission is to create better lives for people and families affected by autism throughout Delaware. The nonprofit organization offers a wide range of services, including parent mentoring and support, advocacy, social and recreational opportunities, clinical services, and adult vocational services. Their POW&R program was created in order to provide adults with autism in Delaware the opportunity to work and volunteer at businesses in their communities and engage in health and wellness opportunities.

A percentage of profits from the sale of Shinrin Savon is donated to Autism Delaware.

Coalition Against The Trafficking In Women

“Sex trafficking is a tough topic to discuss, but one that needs awareness. Sadly, my beautiful hometown of Atlanta, Georgia is one of the biggest hubs of sex trafficking nationwide. A close friend introduced me to this wonderful, hardworking group of women trying to bring a spotlight to the way we can educate and eradicate this ever-present problem. CATW works tirelessly to save women trapped in this hard-to-escape-cycle. I literally think about the benefit they bring every time I fill a bottle of La Femme.

”The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is a non-governmental organization that works to end human trafficking and CSE of women and girls worldwide. In order to promote and protect the rights of women and girls in long-term and sustainable ways, they are working to shift policies that target the victims to policies that target the traffickers, pimps, and buyers of sex. A major goal is an education for youth and men to discourage the purchase of commercial sex and to increase awareness of the dangers of demand. They also aim to provide prevention, direct services, and exit strategies to victims of human trafficking and prostitution.

A percentage of profits from the sale of La Femme Body Oil is donated to the Coalition Against Trafficking In Women.

New Leash On Life USA

“A few years ago I began learning about the challenges faced by people re-entering society after being incarcerated and the monumental challenges they face. Not knowing exactly how to help I started searching for groups that work to create a bridge to success for these men and women. When I read about New Leash on Life, I was overcome with emotion…a charity that saves the lives of unwanted animals and allows these people and animals to heal and help each other. I immediately wanted to be involved and spread the word with our Kindred Skincare Family. After speaking with the founder, Marian, I knew we had to share their amazing work.

“New Leash on Life USA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce recidivism and save the lives of at-risk dogs. They accomplish this with an innovative reform model that leverages the powerful bond between dogs and humans. Their model begins during incarceration by instructing the participants to train their dogs with socialization and obedience skills while they learn practical life and social skills, attend classes for career readiness, and set goals for their life after prison.

Upon parole, New Leash on Life USA finds loving homes for 100% of their dogs and secures 90-day internships for their graduate men and women to prepare them for permanent employment. Their unique “continuum-of-care” covers the cost of salaries and transportation and provides essential post-release support laying the groundwork for a successful transition into the community. The result is a New Leash recidivism rate that is less than one-third of the general prison population.

A percentage of profits from the sale of Special Edition Bâton de Couleur: Amour is donated to New Leash On Life USA.