Our Family

Our Family

Our Family is…..EVERYTHING

What does Family mean?

The family you are born with and the family you gain along the way

Kindred Skincare Co. would not be here without Frances's family: husband, children, sister, mother. Each one has contributed to Kindred in countless and selfless ways, they are the core of Kindred.

Friends who have become family: these are the people that leaned in to a fledgling company and did everything they could to help us open and strive.


The amazing partners that keep our website beautiful:

Adelyn Duchala who is the most gifted photographer. She brings our products to life and adds her artistry to all she touches - Adelyn Duchala Photography

Mike Brandt, IT expert extraordinaire! He builds and maintains our stunning website and answers my panicked texts at even the most rude times of the evening. Mike is vital to Kindred - Striped Rhino

Saved the best for last…YOU! You are part of our family and Kindred would not exist without your support, love and encouragement.

Thank you for being part of my Kindred Skincare Family!