Our Story

I absolutely love what I do! Kindred Skincare Co. has enriched my life beyond anything I could have dreamt. The biggest gift I have received is the people that I never would have met without this company, thank you for being a part of The Kindred Skincare Family!

My favorite things about Kindred:
  • Engineering new product formulations
  • Researching the chemical nature of different plants and other elements
  • Finding the highest quality ingredients worldwide, then forging partnerships with trusted suppliers
  • Hand batching every product with meticulous notes down to the gram in my lab on The Farm
  • Seeking out unique, sustainable and beautiful packaging
  • Surrounding myself with inspired, confident, amazing women that make the best team ever
  • Packaging and shipping each order as soon as possible to share our products
  • Working with our esthéticienne to create the most beneficial and memorable face and body treatments in our Shinrin Sanctuary
What inspires me?
  • My family, friends, and animals…they are my everything
  • Nature! Those of you who already know me have been hearing about Shinrin Yoku before it became a buzz word. (I will cover the topic below)
  • You! The feedback and results I see in the thousands of Kindred Skincare Family members keeps my brain fueled to create the next product
A few facts about me:
  • I live on a farm in Pennsylvania with my husband, dogs, horses, chickens and cats where I have a lab to hand batch and package all the products.
  • My children are adults and live nearby, and are two of the most delightful people you would ever want to meet!
  • I am a reluctant engineer…the engineering school was not my choice, I wanted to go to art or culinary school. But I graduated with an engineering degree and a lot of information about chemistry, manufacturing and problem solving. Therefore, I have always seen Kindred as a beautiful blend of engineering, art and food science.
  • The goal is to grow multiple ingredients on our farm to provide the purest of ingredients, grown with love.
  • Growing up in Georgia and South Carolina, my happiest memories involve being outside: trees, water, soil, sand and sun
  • My sensitive skin became a significant problem after overexposure during a job in a chemical plant in my 20’s. My children refer to my skin as pH paper…It is only moments after exposure to any chemical in the air, skin products, hair products or fabric that I erupt in rashes, raw skin and irritations that take days to recover.
What is Shinrin Yoku?

The term Shinrin-yoku was coined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in 1982, and can be defined as making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. In other words a walk in the woods is mind, body and spirit medicine.

There is a wonderful research paper that studied the physical effects of Forest Bathing and there results show that forest environments promote lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity than do city environments. More and more research is being done to prove the connection between healing and nature!