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Liquid gold...magic...irreplaceable...just a few adjectives we hear about how people feel about our Serum Magique.  

Now our best selling product has a new ingredient!


Bakuchiol has been on my radar for years, but only recently have I found a trusted source of the highest quality extracted bakuchiol.
Many people use babchi oil, which is from the same seed, but is not refined and extracted to reveal the true dermatological wonders of bakuchiol.
Why this particular ingredient?

🌿 Acts like a retinol without the irritation
🌿 Stimulates cell turnover
🌿 Smooths fine lines & wrinkles
🌿 Stimulates collagen producing receptors
🌿 Helps reduce under eye darkness
🌿 Anti inflammatory for acne lesions
🌿 Reduces discoloration from acne scars
🌿 Gentle enough to use everyday, even 2x a day
🌿 Yes, this appears to be a miracle plant 💚

The core of this serum is our four favorite powerhouse oils: geranium, evening primrose, calendula, and rose hip.  We then added vitamin K to help with dark spots, caviar oil to deeply moisturize, apple stem cells to provide anti oxidants, sea silt and sake yeast to keep moisture in the cells to help plump skin and aspen bark to smooth texture.

Nightly use will provide cumulative improvement of skin texture, plumpness and overall brightening of the face.

Apply a few drops each night to cleanse skin.  Allow the serum to completely penetrate (5 to 10 minutes) before applying additional moisture. 

Need a bit of serum for morning but want to little coverage?  Try our Serum Magique Speciale.

Ingredients (all organic unless marked*):

Calendula oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, Sea silt*, Sake yeast*, Caviar oil*, Vitamin K*, Apple stem cells*, Aspen bark*, Geranium oil, and Sake extract*.

Bottle is 1 fluid ounce


“I tried a sample of this product at a spa event at Montchanin Village yesterday evening. This morning, I noticed that a particular scar on my face is 90% attenuated. Additionally, I haven’t looked this refreshed in a while, and my skin hasn’t felt this healthy and smooth in years.”