My favorite Kindred Skincare product to make...and the most time consuming one...

My favorite Kindred Skincare product to make...and the most time consuming one...

Question I receive often:


Favorite and least favorite product to make:


You don't pick a favorite child, so I would never pick a favorite (or least favorite) product but some manufacturing recipes provide instant gratification during the process and some are challenging and/or time consuming.


Let’s start with our most labor intensive product to make:  Polished Cleanse 


Polished Cleanse is I think one of the most unique products on the market.  An oil based cleanser and exfoliator that is gentle enough for face but also effective on the body.  


The base of this amazing green scrub is organic shea butter, and every time I use this product I need to slowly melt until liquified to insure a smooth and consistent final product.  Unlike other formulations that immediately super chill (Intense Moisture, Body Baton, Pot de Cooler) I have to time the solidification just perfectly to add the fig seeds, orange peel and spirulina.  Each addition is added with an emulsion blender for consistency and complete incorporation.  The addition of air (via the blender) is actually an important ingredient, but added at the wrong time will not create the desired effect.


Over the years I tossed many less than perfect batches (or more often gave them to family members) until I perfected the timing.  The additional challenge is packaging Polished Cleanse while it is still soft enough to pipe into the tubes, but also solid enough to keep the particles in suspension…..a delicate dance with a door that can close in mere moments. 


An all day labor of love to create a one of a kind experience.


Most instantly gratifying product to make: Serum Magique


Without a doubt, our best selling product is Serum Magique, and it is one of my favorite items to make.  


Most serums, lotions and creams are emulsifications of oil and water that rely on chemicals emulsifiers to hold them in suspension.  But those emulsifiers can trigger sensitive skin, create a barrier that prevents complete absorption and place unwanted chemicals onto your largest organ, your skin.


Serum Magique is a mechanical emulsion (like mayonnaise ) that relies on the correct proportion of oil solvent and water solvent raw materials delicately blended into a frothy mixture that does not separate.  Therefore I am meticulous with my measurements to insure consistency. 


Once the ingredients are measured I trickle the oils into the water solvent ingredients while actively blending.  There is an instantaneous and gorgeous transition from liquid to serum as the seemingly disparate items turn into the beautiful yellow serum….. that is truly magic!


Have any more questions about behind the scenes in the lab?  Let me know me know!


xo, Frances


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