A major retailer is using a logo that looks just like mine....

A major retailer is using a logo that looks just like mine....
I have had many of you congratulate me on this "assumed collaboration” to make woodsy, citrusy and floral candles, since Kindred Skincare Co. sold products into Terrain for six years and into Anthropologie for a time as well. 
I was stunned and completely shocked when a Kindred Skincare Family member sent me a photo from the Anthropologie store!  And how embarrassing to have to say that I had no idea about this….
Our legal team immediately reached out to request that these products no longer be sold in connection with a mark so similar to mine, because of the potential for confusion, but they are still being advertised on the website as shown above and available in stores (at least until Anthropologie sells out of them).   Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but this goes a bit beyond!  Frustrating and disappointing to say the least!  
Interpret this as you will….all I can say is that my heart truly hurts that this happened, and I hope that the powers that be at Urban Outfitters have a better explanation than we have received thus far.
xo, Frances

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