Benefits of Oil Cleansing

Benefits of Oil Cleansing

Thought I would share this post from Instagram this week:

Thank you so very much Morgan and Alicia, the two amazing women
@enlightenedbeauty for making this gorgeous and informative graphic with our best selling Complete Cleanse! It is just gorgeous!
Over the years, Complete Cleanse has garnered a cult following.
Very few products on the market can provide acne/dermatitis fighting efficacy while still being gentle and calming to sensitive skin….and this was the inspiration for Complete Cleanse.
Walking on the beach with my daughter while she was battling teenage skin, brainstorming on how to clear the tears caused by dermatitis.
Research, trials and evaluation created an oil cleanse that is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, but chock full of oils high in linoleic acid to reduce inflammation and thin the sebum to prevent comedones.
Seven years later Complete Cleanse is one of our top 5 products that is purchased repeatedly! Results will always be the best advertisement 💚
Thank you Morgan and Alicia, so thrilled that you are part of the Kindred Skincare Family 💚
xo, Frances

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