Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku

I really can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase Shirin Yoku, but the moment I understood the meaning, it became a constant part of my vernacular. There was finally a word that explained the euphoria I have felt my whole life the moment I step into the woods. Shinrin Yoku translates to “Forest Bathing” or “Tree bathing”, the act of being in the woods to heal the soul. The rustle of the leaves, the smell of the moist earth, the birdsong, etc., there are so many layers of soothing sensory input in the forest. No matter how jagged my energy and short my breathing maybe when I start my Shinrin Yoku, I always emerge lighter, happier, and brighter. Energized and calm at the same time, a calm productive state that we are all searching for!

When I looked to share the skincare products that I had been making for myself for almost two decades, I wanted to embody the essence of a Shinrin Yoku. To help people cleanse and moisturize in a way that left them feeling refreshed and tranquil. As more people use our products and become members of the Kindred Skincare Family, they talk to us about the types of products they are looking for to complete their regimen. One of the gaps was a safe and effective bug spray.

So often my solution is to go on a Shinrin Yoku and let my mind start to solve the issue. After finding inspiration, I dug into one of my favorite sources, the National Institute of Health. There are so many well-documented studies on essential oils in the reams of papers they hold. After extensive research and R&D on very willing family and friends, I came up with a combination of oils that help repel mosquitos, flies, ticks, and fleas in a light oil based spray. Safe for the whole family and effective.

Whether Shinrin Spray inspires you to take your own Shinrin Yoku, or maybe just using this beautiful combination of oils helps lift you soul, we genuinely hope that you enjoy our product!


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