Kindred Hair Care

Kindred Hair Care

We love to visit with our family members when they come to visit us at The Kindred Shop. We hear such wonderful questions and suggestions from the people that use Kindred every day. Very often, I am asked when I will create shampoo and hair products. The response is amazement when I say, “I already have!” So I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to go over all the options we have for the ultimate Kindred hair care experience.

Like so many aspects of your journey with Kindred, I will ask you to think outside of the box for a moment. Much like when you started cleansing your face with oil, you had to look beyond the indoctrination of a foaming cleanser. The same applies to shampoo. I remember as a child watching TV commercials with people shampooing their hair with an absolute helmet of foaming bubbles. I associated the pile of bubbles with clean hair. But that was just a pile of foaming agents. Liquid soap (technically detergent) in its plain state is as thin as water and has no ability to foam or bubble. It is harsh and stripping to the natural oils on your hair and scalp.

“Washing your hair” is incorrectly named; what we are really doing is cleansing our scalp. Your hair does not get itchy, smelly, or suffer issues like dandruff, etc. It is the scalp we are treating as we clean. So please be kind to your scalp.

My goal while creating Shinrin Savon was to make an all-in-one shampoo and soap bar for my friends on the Autistic Spectrum. I knew it had to be effective cleaning, no residue, limited smell, minimal sensory impact, and quick. It has been more successful than I could even imagine.

Savon is a true “soap” made with fat and food-grade lye. (Did you know they use lye to make bagels?) I used some of my favorite cleaning oils: Castor, Grapeseed, and Mango butter, and made a cold process soap, then let it cure for two months at a minimum. The longer it cures, the thicker your lather. Our family members have been so pleased with these beautiful round bars.

How do I use Shinrin Savon?
I start with my head and move to my toes. When washing my hair with Savon, I first rub it in between my hands to get a nice thick lather of soap, then apply directly to my scalp. If necessary, I lather my hands again then massage my scalp for a few minutes before rinsing. Wash a second time if necessary.

Shinrin Savon also creates a smooth and soothing shaving experience! My husband uses Savon for his one-stop: shampoo, shave, and shower.

Our other shampoo was a happy accident. Foaming Wash was created because I needed a gentle foaming hand soap that would be kind to my overworked hands. I wear gloves in the lab all day and if I am on the farm my skin is being challenged. Therefore, I found a sulfate-free liquid soap (which is technically detergent), combined it with Aspen bark and Aloe, added the essential oils from Énergie Mist, poured it into a soap dispenser with a foaming pump, and I soon had a pile of delicious smelling, airy soap. I was happy to have clean, not chapped hands, and soon I had people telling me they were bathing with it! Awesome! I tried too and even washed all this crazy curly hair with Foaming Wash. When I use either product to wash my hair, for the first time in my life I do not need a conditioner!

Do you have scalp issues?
Consider pre-treating your scalp with Complete Cleanse. Put a few pumps onto your fingertips and massage your scalp for several minutes before shampooing. We have found that Complete Cleanse helps with dandruff, rash, rosacea, and eczema.

At Kindred, we love to create products that can be used in multiple ways all over the body! Our goal is to give you products that you can rely on to take care of you gently and effectively.

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