Kindred Skincare Supports Delaware Autism Program

Kindred Skincare Supports Delaware Autism Program
Sales From Kindred Skincare’s Apolis Bag Will Benefit Delaware Autism Program

There are so many twists and turns in our life journey, and so often the challenges end up being gifts! Having a child on the autism spectrum creates challenges and sometimes heartache as you watch your child learn how to function in an often too rigid society. But the strength, empathy, and wisdom the whole family gains greatly outweighs any negatives. I have a 24-year-old son who amazes me every single day with his intelligence, big heart and desire to better himself in every way. He is an incredibly good man, and I am humbled and honored to be his mom. His journey inspired me to be a better person and to help anyone I can who’s life has been touched by Autism. Therefore, in the tenant of “Act Locally,” I want my company to help create an example of how to give back.

There are two ways that we are trying to help the community: raise money and provide opportunities. First, to raise money, we partnered with Apolis Bags, a wonderful company that also believes in giving back, to create the Kindred Skincare Co., Yorklyn, DE bag. 100% of our profits will benefit POW&R, a group in Delaware that helps to find jobs for adults on the spectrum.

Secondly, to provide opportunities, we are creating an intern program with a local school to help individuals on the spectrum come and “practice” working in a company where the environment is safe and supportive. As Kindred Skincare grows and requires more employees, we will work with POW&R to provide jobs to these wonderful adults in our packaging area.

We are only a month into our program, but one of the most rewarding pieces of feedback was from the mother of one of our interns who said that he felt “productive” and that what he did in the shop was “important and helpful.” And you know what? He was extremely productive, important and helpful! I look forward to seeing him every week and I greatly rely on the work he does for me.

Every single one of us has value and purpose, and I am truly blessed to be a part of this inspirational community!

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